Collection: Welcome to our store. You can buy your uresta® Starter Kit or replacement below.

  • The first time you use uresta®, you will need to use the Starter Kit to find the right size for you. The uresta® bladder support Starter Kit includes the three most common sizes (remember size doesn’t necessarily correlate to the size of your vagina). If you need a size larger or a size smaller, you can contact us and we’ll send it to you at no charge.

    If you are not 100% satisfied with the results from your uresta® Starter Kit, we will give you your money back.

    uresta® is covered by most major insurance companies in Canada but is "plan specific" please check with your provider prior to purchase to confirm receipts/documents required for reimbursement.

    Money Back Guarantee
    Bladder Support Starter Kit by uresta®
    Bladder Support Starter Kit - Uresta®
  • We recommend replacing your uresta®every year30.

    uresta® may be covered by your insurance plan. Please consult your insurance provider for more information.

    Money Back Guarantee
    Bladder Support Yearly Replacements by uresta®
    Bladder Support Yearly Replacement - Uresta®